Intended Parents Process

We understand that you may have many questions and concerns. We are here to help answer those questions and to provide information that will help resolve any concerns.


Click here: Intended Parent Interest Form. Our office will schedule a telephone call with you at your convenience to walk you through our unique program. Following that call, if you decide to move forward, we will provide you all of the necessary information and forms to move forward on your exciting journey with Heart of Surrogacy, LLC. We will be here to answer any questions that arise throughout the entire process.



Once we receive the completed intake forms (i.e., Questionnaire, photos, letter for potential gestational surrogate, authorization for background checks, etc.), we will move forward with obtaining the requisite criminal background checks.


Video Conference

We like to schedule a video conference call to get to know you better and discuss the surrogacy process in detail. We may have some follow-up questions after reviewing the intake forms you provided, and we want to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the financial expectations. We will also answer any questions you may have.


Retainer Agreement

After the video chat, the Retainer Agreement will be sent to you. You will sign the Retainer Agreement and provide the first payment, along with any other forms or documents that are outstanding and need to be signed before a Match.


Once we receive all of the necessary paperwork from you, we will dive into the exciting matching process. We will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions. The answers that you provided in the intake forms assist us in assuring any potential Gestational Surrogate fits your criteria. Once we have a possible match, the Gestational Surrogate and you are notified. If each party is interested in moving forward, we will set up a 3-way phone call.

Medical & Psychological Evaluations

Once you are matched, the Gestational Surrogate will undergo a Medical Evaluation at the clinic you intend to use, and you and she will undergo a Psychological Evaluation as well.


Legal Contracts & Escrow Funding

Once the Gestational Surrogate is officially approved, following the Medical and Psychological Evaluations, it is time for the Legal Contracts to be signed and the Escrow Account to be fully funded (the Escrow Account is typically set up around the time of Match and becomes fully funded once the Legal Contract is signed). An experienced surrogacy attorney will be involved to represent the Gestational Surrogate, and a separate experienced surrogacy lawyer will represent you. The Contracts will be drafted and signed, and the Escrow Account will be fully funded. Once this is done, and according to the calendar provided by the fertility doctor, the Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogate head back to the clinic!


Start of Meds (IVF Prep)

In preparation of in vitro fertilization (IVF), the Gestational Surrogate generally takes fertility drugs (and subsequently, drugs to support the pregnancy), as required by the doctor. Additionally, the doctor may order restrictions on the Gestational Surrogate. The cycles of the Gestational Surrogate and Intended Mother or Egg Donor are usually synchronized.

Embryo Transfer

By this point, both you and the Gestational Surrogate you have spent months preparing for this moment! An embryo created through IVF is transferred into the uterus of the Gestational Surrogate. The egg and sperm used to create the embryo may come from both intended parents or it may come from intended parents and donors. The embryo transfer generally occurs within 4-8 weeks from the date that the Gestational Surrogate and the Egg Donor begin medications. The average contract allows for 3 IVF attempts.

Release to OBGYN/Mid-Wife

The Gestational Surrogate will have a normal course of OB care, including ultrasounds as required by her Obstetrician. This will take place within 8 to 12 weeks of gestation. She will utilize the services of a high-risk OB if she is pregnant with multiples, or if the doctor recommends a high-risk OB. Heart of Surrogacy, LLC will be following the pregnancy closely and support both the Gestational Surrogate and Intended Parents.


Pregnancy and Delivery

Heart of Surrogacy, LLC will continue to be available to answer any questions as they arise prior to and throughout the pregnancy. We will ensure your attorney is aware of the anticipated due date to obtain any necessary pre-birth documents. Additionally, we will work with you to create a custom Birth Plan to assure a smooth process at the hospital.

Post-Delivery Support

After delivery and the baby's discharge from the hospital, you leave the hospital with your child(ren) as a complete family. The Gestational Surrogate will go home to her own family with the deep satisfaction of having been responsible for her invaluable role in helping to create your family. Heart of Surrogacy, LLC is committed to providing post-delivery support to Intended Parents. We want to be here to support you during and following this exciting, emotional and amazing journey.

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If you believe you that you meet the qualifications listed HERE and you would like to learn more, click the “INTENDED PARENT INTEREST FORM” button.