Gestational Surrogate Process

We understand that you may have many questions and concerns. We are here to help answer those questions and to provide information that will help resolve any concerns.


If you are a prospective Gestational Surrogate, please click here Surrogate Interest Form to begin the Application process. We will call you, at a time convenient for you, if you meet the preliminary qualifications, listed HERE, so that we can chat further with you about the next steps in the process to come on board with us as a gestational surrogate candidate. If you do not meet the preliminary qualifications, we will notify you via email.



Following our telephone call, we will send you all of the necessary Intake paperwork for you to complete. In addition to the forms that you will complete and return to us, we will provide you with articles, glossaries, a sample fee sheet and general information about surrogacy. We are here to support you and would love to answer any questions that arise.


Every Gestational Surrogate goes through various screenings before being considered as a potential gestational surrogate to be matched with waiting Intended Parents. The preliminary screening includes medical, criminal and reference checks. Additionally, a home visit is completed. We will do the bulk of the legwork for you in obtaining the medical documentation needed for review, running the background searches and submitting the reference requests. Once we receive the necessary medical clearance from your OB/GYN, confirmation of no criminal history and the reference forms, we are ready to move on to the next step!

Intent Agreement

Every gestational surrogate will sign an Intent Agreement, which includes your financial requirements and legal responsibilities to be a gestational surrogate matched through Heart of Surrogacy, LLC.


Video Chat

Once you have been preliminarily approved to be a gestational surrogate, we will schedule a lengthy video chat with you to discuss the process again, in more detail. If you are a first-time gestational surrogate, by this point, you have read the pages of information we have sent to you, you have likely done online research, and you are already very informed about what the process looks like. Heart of Surrogacy, LLC always wants to ensure you are fully informed about every aspect of surrogacy, including the time-frame associated with the process, the medical risks, when compensation will be received, the level of involvement of the Intended Parents and so much more. Choosing to be a gestational surrogate is an incomparable gift to Intended Parents, but it can be an emotional journey. Heart of Surrogacy, LLC wants to ensure that you have every question answered.



Once you have signed the Intent Agreement, received preliminary approval and had a detailed video chat with our Surrogate Coordinator, you will be matched with Intended Parents. This process can take several months, or can happen more quickly, depending upon the desires of intended parents who come on board with us.


Psychological Evaluation

Once you are officially matched, you will be given a referral to undergo a Psychological Evaluation. Similar to the Screening stage above, Heart of Surrogacy, LLC will be available to answer any questions and assist you in scheduling of psychological appointment(s), if desired.


Medical Evaluation

Because most clinics will not accept a Medical Evaluation completed by another clinic, and because we do not know which clinic will be involved at the time of your initial Screening, it is impossible to complete Medical Screening at the clinic that will be used for your surrogacy journey. Once the Psychological Evaluation completes successfully, we will move forward with the Medical Evaluation at the clinic that will be used. The Clinic will provide a calendar that you will use through the next stages of the process.


Contract Stage & Escrow Funding

Once final approval is provided following the Psychological and Medical Evaluations, it is time for the Legal Contracts to be prepared, and you will be given referrals for experienced attorneys to represent you in the negotiation of the contract between you and the intended parents. Once the contract is arrived at, and signed by you and the intended parents, legal clearance will be sent to the clinic and the Escrow Account will be fully funded by the intended parents. Once this is done, and according to the calendar provided by the fertility doctor, the Gestational Surrogate and Intended Parents head back to the clinic!


Start Meds (Preparing for IVF)

Preparing for in vitro fertilization (IVF) generally involves you taking fertility drugs (and subsequently, drugs to support the pregnancy), as required by the doctor. These drugs may be in the form of shots, pills, patches or suppositories. Additionally, the doctor may order restrictions, which may include abstaining from sexual relations from one week before the time of transfer until a pregnancy is confirmed via ultrasound. There also may be a restriction from lifting any weight above 20 lbs.

Embryo Transfer

By this point, you have spent months preparing for this moment! An embryo created through IVF is transferred into your uterus. Your egg is not used, and you are not genetically related to the child. The egg and sperm used to create the embryo may come from both of the intended parents, or from intended parents and donors.


Released to OBGYN/Midwife

You will have a normal course of OB care, including ultrasounds as required by your Obstetrician. This will take place within 8 to 12 weeks of gestation. You will utilize the services of a high-risk OB if you are pregnant with multiples, or if the doctor recommends a high-risk OB.


Pregnancy & Delivery

Heart of Surrogacy, LLC will continue to be available to answer any questions as they arise throughout the pregnancy. We will work with you to create a custom Birth Plan to ensure a smooth process at the hospital.

Post-Delivery Support

Heart of Surrogacy, LLC is a surrogacy agency that is committed to providing post-delivery support to Gestational Surrogates. The impact of your surrogacy is amazing. We want to be here to support you during and following this exciting, emotional and amazing journey.

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